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  Auspac Business Software

A total fully integrated business solutions for SME and SMI


We assist our clients in the implementation of business software and hardware solutions for local and wide area network environments. We provide total consultation, implementation assistance and valuable advice gathered through years of experience in our past implementation. This vital assistance will ensure a smooth and successful implementation and operation of the solutions that we provide.

Software Development & Customization

From time to time a need comes along that must addressed. In many cases working solutions already exist and must simply be applied. But on occasion, there just isnít a good solution. For this reason Auspac has come out with our own development team and customized software that answers some of these special needs. If you need additional information regarding any of these products or need us to develop one for you, contact us and we are will be more than happy to help.

Auspac Business Software

Thank you for your interested in our software. 
We want to thank you for the opportunity given to us to present our solutions. More and more companies today are looking for feature rich business software that will not only provide accounting functionality, but will also enhances productivity in other departments and branches. For example, integrated features found in Auspac Business Software such as direct linkage between front office to back office (Auspac Corporate Accounting), connectivity with branches and so on, are simply not available with existing off-the-shelf packages.


Our Auspac Business Software series distinguishes itself from the software market by functioning as the fully integrated, cost effective and overall management solution. This solution is designed around today's object oriented technology and client/server environments. Its not just provides the tools and functionality to streamline processes but also reduce expenses, and most of all, to increase productivity. Today, you may decide just to computerize your customer accounts and billing. Tomorrow, you may want to implement paper less environment so that your managers can access vital data directly. Later, you may want your clients to access up-to-date information through your Web site


Consider what would happen if you had to change your entire software system at every stage of your growth, making the right choice now can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches in the long run. Deciding on the right software package for your business is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. After all, when operational, your software is the heart of your organisation and the critical element that controls the efficiency and productivity of your every employee.

Our software development team has more than 10 years of experience in IT solutions in engineering system architecture and developing mission critical software. We not only wants to be your software developer but also to be your business automation partner. You can be assured of Auspac's commitment to its customers, with state-of-the-art software functionality, training, and support.


Auspac Human Resource Solutions
Small Office Payroll (50)
Corporate Payroll (500)
Time Attendance (500)
Corporate Payroll (2000)
Organization Chart Manager(2000)
Time Management (2000)
Human Resource Information System
Auspac Accounting/ Financial Solutions
Small Business Accounting with Stock & Invoicing
Corporate Accounting
Fixed Assets Management
Job Costing
Auspac Service/ Distribution Solutions
Kin Wood Invoicing/ Inventory
Job Tracking/ Planning System
Quality Assurance Tracking
Bar Code Generator
Plywood Inventory
Spare Parts Inventory
Color Dyeing Recipe System
Weight Bridge Auto Labelling System
Business/ Service Manager
Sales- Inventory - Purchasing Prof
Sales- Inventory - Purchasing Client/ Server
Auspac Production Management Solutions
QA Defect Tracking Module
Production Monitoring System
Production Costing
Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
Production Planning/ Secheduling (MRP ll)
Shop Floor System
Auspac Retail Management Solutions
Hire Purchase/ Inventory System
Hire Purchase/ Insurance/ Inventory System
Easy Payment System
School Receipt System
Books/ Video Rental System
Point of Sales/Chasier Frontend
Point of Sales/ Inventory Backend
Point of Sales - Cybercafe, Membership
Restaurant Management System
Auspac Transportation/ Logistics Solutions
Bus Ticketing System
Driving Institute Management System
Transporation/ Forwarding Module
Logistic/ Container Serving System
Auspac Publication Solutions
Web site hosting and design
Corporation profile in Multimedia CD
Media Publication System
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