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Core Business
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Software Customization

From time to time a need comes along that must addressed. In many cases working solutions already exist and must simply be applied. But on occasion, there just isn’t a good solution. For this reason Ausapc has come out with our own development team and customized software that answers some of these special needs. Our value-add strength extends to our ever-increasing customer base, in terms of productivity, affordability, and scalability by providing packaged, yet customizable solution of consistently high quality and churning out fast results, with a local tailored support and relationship.

Our experience means we can quickly gain an understanding of your application requirements. In fact, we may have already come up with a similar solution from another application that may suit your needs. That means you not only get solutions faster, you can also be confident in it with Auspac.

Consultation & Training

Auspac provides consultation and advising service to our clients on adoption of ICT into their business environment and maximizing their investments. We also want to help you to be as productive as possible with your computer and software systems, and we want you to have fun doing it. Our on site training courses, designed to maximize employee’s participation, retention, and enjoyment of the learning process, is fourfold.

System Integration

Computer hardware and software are changing at a phenomenal rate. With so many products in the market, how do you know which hardware and software are right for your office? That's where Auspaccan help. We've been providing consultation to our clients for almost as long as we've been in the business of software development.

ERP Solutions

ERP offerings are designed to enhance the ability of executives and managers to see how different parts of their business are functioning at any given moment. The enhanced visibility inevitably leads to the streamlining of operations that may have functioned independently in the past. In this respect, ERP is highly useful, "because it allows businesses to take advantage of the possibility for interconnection between departments in ways that were formerly hard to achieve or even imagine. We believe that our ERP applications should integrated with virtually every operation possible within your respective businesses.

The magic of ERP is that the business benefits only get better as additional business processes are integrated into the ERP software system. You will find that your user will be able to see the product from his/her own unique job perspective, as well as learn how to maximize this new found capabilities. Although our product may force you to do things different, the net result is that your business will operate more efficiency because of the system integration.


Whether your Information Services Department has one person or 500 people, the need for short term, technical personnel is real. With Auspac as your partner, skilled expertise is available for variable length assignments maximizing your company flexibility.

Outsourcing with Auspac will relieve your organization's overhead and administrative duties normally associated with employees. Benefits, management involvement, administration and training are Auspac's responsibility.

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