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FingerScan System With Time Attendance
Features and Benefits

Encourage punctuality

Eliminates " buddy punching "

Quick payback with better staff

API to provide easy system integration

User friendly

Able to track time spent on specific function

Suitable for office environment

The most accurate clocking system


Auspac Finger Scan is an advanced PC based Time Attendance System that make use of the unique person fingerprint for Clock In/ Clock out tasks. It is used to track the employees attendance as well as tother transactions such as like Lunch In/ Lunch Out etc. Time Attendance System is consiting of Finger ID Verification device and Clocking Software.

Finger Scan and Driving Institute Management System (DIMS)

What is DIMS?
DIMS is a computerized system consists of a set of software and hardware components integrated together to manage the driving licensing process.

The Purpose
To set a higher strandard of Malaysian driving by ensuring all learner drivers being properly trained and verified
To ensure JPJ can monitor all driving institutes flawlessly by easier access to student databases.
To improve public image and licensing school operations.

System Benefits
Reduce duplicate work/ clerical errors
Cut down operation costs
Increase institute profitability
Better recods keeping
Improve business process
Help make better business decisions
Avoid Ma- Practices
Systematic and work automation

Auspac Business Software 
We specialized in the development of technologically advanced, innovative applications that support an organization's mission critical areas. Auspac comprehensive suite of IT solution includes business application software, system consulting and training to large sector of:- Government, Education, Commerce, Trading, Manufacturing and Other Sectors.
Arlotto - We are authorised distributor in Malaysia
We are now authorised distributor for ARLOTTO products in Malaysia.  Arlotto, is one of
the major manufacturer of Ethernet/Fast Ethernet products, including dual-speed hubs and N-way switches.  Arlotto supplies SOHOs with the highest quality, most reliable, 10/100Mbps dual-speed hubs provide a full range of Ethernet installation base. More New
System Integration -Computers, Peripherals and Third Party Software
We offer comprehensive solutions for the office environment. by using our expertise in computer system,compatible peripherals, also software for Operating systems, Applications and developers software. We insist on genuine products to satisfy our customer needs and reliable after sales service.  This reduces the risk and complexity for customers who currently deal with different suppliers for different products.
o Support for ODBC and SQL
o Advanced Graphic Handing
o Runs Stand-Alone of from within  others Software
o Numerous Ready-to-Use Label Design
BarTender is the first true Windows label program to support not just laser and ink-jet printer, but also the thermal printers used for high-quality, high-volume label production.
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