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Most comprehensives and versatile corporate payroll processing made simple
The Corporate Accounting System (CorpAcc) is a superior accounting solution intended for Malaysian companies to effective running their business. It is year 2000 compliant and is a fully integrated, network-ready, and windows-based accounting system. CorpAcc is function as a standalone or running on a multi-user network system. It consists of Account Payables, Account Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Order Entry, Contact Manager and Job Costing.CorpAcc office innovative, industry leading features, as well as the standard functions you expect from any local accounting product. The CorpAcc system includes the entire accounting operation down to the most detailed calculation, automated complex calculations, accounts monitoring, cash sales, business analysis and issuing of various kind of reports. The main components of the system are:
General Modules

The main components of the system are:

General Ledger

User definable account structure with a maximum of 40 characters.

  • User definable account structure with a maximum of 40 characters.
  • Ability to post to the General Ledger real time.
  • Ability to edit previous year’s transactions.
  • Print financial reports from the previous year.
  • Create, track and edit your company’s budgeting.
  • Generate automatic reversing entries.
  • Post transactions to multiple G/L accounts.
  • Print Sub-Ledger Reports.
  • Check Reconciliation.
  • Roll up Parent Chart of Account numbers.
  • Account Receivable

Account Receivable
  • Open item billing.
  • Generate single and recurring transactions.
  • Track unapplied payments and past due invoices.
  • Process full and partial payment of invoices.
  • Generate late charges on past due invoices.
  • Maintain multiple tax codes and shipping addresses per customer.

Account Payable
  • Process partial or full payment of invoices.
  • Easily apply one-time or recurring expenses.
  • Process manual or system generated accounts payable checks.
  • Minimize expenses by tracking and taking advantage of vendor discounts

  • Contains primarily file maintenance option that are common to all module; like posting account, accounting periods, company information, order entry parameters and users access level.

Fixed Assets

  • Enter asset acquisitions, transfer and retirements.
  • Choose straight line, accelerated, decelerated or define a method of depreciation.
  • View up to date accumulated depreciation of company fixed assets.

Order Entry

  • Generate orders, invoices, DO, and quotes.
  • Enter/edit customers on the fly.
  • Easily change customer quotes into orders.
  • Track sales activity per salesman.
  • Process recurring customer orders without re-entering data.
  • Preformatted laser forms for invoices, orders & quotes.
  • Generate recurring invoices on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Multi-Level pricing.

Inventory Purchasing

Maintain and sell inventory items as a kit.

Enter/edit purchase orders and receipts.

Update inventory items manually.

Track sales activity by individual item.

Contact Manager
  • Break down your contacts and customers into groups for easy tracking and follows-ups.
  • View up to the minute Account Receivable information for each customer.
  • Schedule, track and view pending actions (Calls, meeting, etc).
  • Create invoices for a customer from within the contact manager module.
  • Generate a letter for a customer or a prospect using templates that you create using your word processor. The customer or contacts address is automatically be inserted into the document.
  •   View a complete sales history (orders, invoices and quotes) for each customer.

Job Costing

  • Track income and expenses by job or project.
  • Automatically generate job costing data when entering in the Account Payable and Order Entry modules or when running payroll.
  • Consolidate costing data by job number or cost center.
  • Enter job costing data manually.

Point Of Sales
  • Management module and Point of Sale.
  • Use item number or UPC code.
  • Comes with a management module for store and register setup.
  • Fully integrates with Auspac Accounting.
  • Print Invoice Journal, Traffic Report, and Price Variance Report.

Reports & Listing

There are many reports and listing available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

Account Receivable

AR Invoice Batch Verification Report
Unapplied Payment Report Account Detail Report
Aging Report Statement of Account
Post Dated Cheque Report Outstanding Sales Report
Payment Batch Journal CN / DN Journal
Credit Note / Debit Note Official Receipt
Service Tax Form Bill Service Tax Schedule
Receipt Service Schedule Outstanding Bill of Service Tax

Account Payable

Cheque Journal CN / DN Journal
Credit Note / Debit Note Payment Voucher
AP Invoice Batch Verification Report
Invoice Due Report Invoice Detail Report
Aging Report

General Ledger

General Journal General Ledger
Trial Balance Profit & Loss
Budget Variant Sub-Ledger Report
Balance Sheet Bank Reconciliation Report


Customer Listing Vendor Listing
Chart of Account Listing Item Listing by Description
Item Listing by Number Item Listing by Class
Kit Item Listing

Job Costing

Listing By Job Number Listing By Cost Centre

Sales Order Entry

All Document Journal Invoice Journal
Delivery Order Report Order Report
Quotation Report Invoice Detail Report
Invoice Summary Report Sales Activity Report
Invoice Journal by Customer Invoice Journal by Salesman
Trading/Contract/Other/Service Invoice Trading/Contract/Other Delivery Order
Quotation Order

Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Listing FA Listing by Location
FA Location Movement Report Revaluation Report
Retired / Fully Depreciated Listing Depreciation Report
Depreciation Report by Item Depreciation Report by Period
Acquisition Report Retirement Report
Additional Cost Report Reminder Schedule Report
Maintenance Report FA Detail Information
FA Disposal Listing General Journal Entries

Inventory / Purchase

Purchase Order Open Purchase Order Report
Item History Report Item Activity Report
BackOrder Report Reorder Report

Contact Manager

Pending Action Report Customer Listing
Letter Trading Invoice Prospect Listing

Link with Others

It can link up with Auspac Payroll Professional, Auspac Hire Purchase, Auspac Sales Rental Information, Auspac Sales Inventory Purchasing system, etc & become a total solution system for your business.


There are security features on the Accounting system. It allows to verify whom can run the accounting system, to control the different access level of each user. The administrator who setting up the assignment; be able to setup the groups of employees, and assigned each employee group to one or more clerk.

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