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General Module
Report and Listing
Link with Others
Auspac Business Software

  A simple and functional Barcode System  




The Auspac Barcode System (ABCS) is a set of barcode operational software intended for any typical company that running business with use the barcode system. This software is function as a stand-alone or multi-user network system.

Barcode provide a simple and easy method of data collection that is easily read by inexpensive electronic readers. There are two types of the barcode readers, such as the On-line reader often called Wedge Readers, usually connected between a keyboard and a computer and Portables reader, stores the barcode data for transfer to a host computer at a later time. Connections with the host computer are done via a serial RS-232 connection.

The ABCS system is a Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant and Windows based system and can be configured to operate in a networking environment.



Report & Listing

There are few reports available in this system. There are little type of the barcode reports provided, they are regular, specify 1, specify 2, specify 3 and specify 4. The customer listing are allows user to view/print.

General Modules

The main

 components of the system are:

My Company

  • Setup company information

Barcode Setup

  • Be able to setup barcode symbology and its appropriate parameters

Barcode Generator

  • To allow to add, edit, view/print barcode


  • To enter, edit or search customer record
  • Be allowed to view or print the customer list
  • Be able to view the customer phone list

Print Barcode Selected

  • View or print the barcode listing is allowed for the selected period
Link with Others

This software can link to our other software likes Auspac Payroll Professional and Auspac Time Attendance system.

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