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General Module
Report and Listing
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Auspac® Business Software



Most comprehensives and versatile corporate payroll processing made simple

The Auspac Fixed Assets is a software helps user to manage and control to their assets easily. And the software is able to deal with all types of depreciation processes, keeps details of acquisitions, additions, location movement and disposals. This software is function as a stand-alone or multi-user network system.

General Modules

The main components of the system are:


  • Select Setup Calculation
  • To add/edit the Assets Location
  • To add/edit the Depreciation Tables
  • To add/edit the Assets Categories
  • To add/edit the Sub-Assets Categories
  • To add/edit the Fixed Assets
  • To add/edit the Disposal Information
  • View Reminder Schedule


  • To calculate the depreciation
  • To view/print the depreciation journal
  • To post the depreciation record


  • View/print the fixed assets listing
  • View/print the depreciation report
  • View/print the reminder schedule report
  • View/print the maintenance report
  • View/print the additional cost report
  • View/print the location movement by item
  • View/print the retired/depreciated report
  • View/print the revaluation history report
  • View/print the disposal report


Report & Listing

There are many reports and listings available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

Fixed Assets Listing Location Movement by Item
Depreciation Report Retired/Depreciated Report
Reminder Schedule Report Revaluation History Report
Maintenance Report Disposal Report
Additional Cost Report


Link with Others

It can link with to our Auspac Corporate Accounting software.

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