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                     The Complete Set Hire Purchase  Operational Software.



The Hire Purchase System (HP) is a complete set HP operational software intended for any typical motor trading shops, electronic shops or furniture stores, or any companies that doing HP business. This software is function as a stand-alone or multi-user network system. It also can be fully integrated into our Accounting, Payroll System and Insurance System to become a total business solution system.

The HP system includes the entire HP operation down to the most detailed calculation, automated complex calculations, accounts monitoring, cash sales, business analysis and issuing of various kind of letters and reports. The HP system is a Windows based system and can be configured to operate in a networking environment.


General Modules

The main components of the system are:

Set up and Administration

  • Set up and administrate the system.
  • Maintains of master files.
  • Manages customise letter templates.
  • Stock Transaction

  • Stock in and out of goods.
  • Sales and purchases of any goods are processed here with price details and seller/buyer data.
  • Goods detail and costs.
  • Cash Sales

    • An easy way to handle cash sales with cash bill and official receipts.

    HP Accounts

  • Rapid retrieval of accounts information and agreement documents.
  • Account status, finance, insurance information and other details pertaining to a Hirer is clearly shown here at a glance.
  • Monitor each individual Hirer account in details such as number of instalments, interest charges, cash price of goods, interest rate, etc.
  • Final and early settlement are processed in this component as well.
  • Account Instalment

  • Captures instalment information and payment history.
  • Corresponds between user and Hirer are summarised here also.
  • Handles payments of overdue charges

  • Reports and Letters

    • All information listing, business analysis and issuing of letters are handled here.


    Report & Listing

    There are many documents, letters and reports available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

    Information Listing & Phone List

    Contact Phone Listing Seller Listing
    Buyer Listing Product Listing
    Product Transaction Listing Financial Agency Listing
    Insurer Listing Total Sales Listing
    HP Account Listing

    Business Analysis Reports

    Stock In Stock Out
    Stock In & Out Cash Sales Listing
    Cash Sales Gross Profit Cash Sales by Date
    HP Sales Listing HP Sales by Financial/Date
    HP Gross Profit Total Gross Profit by Month
    Receivable by Month Receivable by Date
    Insurance & Misc Fees Insurance Expiry Report
    Other Insurance Expiry Report Instalment Due Analysis
    Instalment/Interest Received/Receivable Listing Stock Analysis

    Due Letters and Expiry Reminders

    1st Due Notice Normal Letter
    2nd Due Notice Authorised Note
    3rd Due Notice Other Letters
    4th Schedule Other Expiry Reminder
    4th Schedule Final Reminder Insurance Expiry Reminder
    5th Schedule

    Formal & Statuary Documents

    Cash Bill Letter to Insurer
    Proforma Invoice HP Agreement
    HP Account Ledger Card HP 29A & 29B
    Dealerís Invoice HP Form A & B
    Official Receipts Settlement Receipt
    Down Payment Receipt


    Official Listing Cover Note Listing
    Customer Listing Issuer Listing
    Road Tax Listing Insurance Listing
    Submission List Insurance Cover Note
    Road Tax Reminder Insurance Reminder
    Cover Note Without Policy Certificate List


    Link with Others

    It can link up with Auspac Corporate Accounting system, and Auspac Vehicle Insurance system.

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