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Most comprehensives and versatile corporate payroll processing made simple

The Auspac Job Planning System (AJPS) is a superior job planning system for Malaysian companies to effectively manage their daily planning operation. It is year 2000 compliant and one of the most flexible windows based system on the market.

Since AJPS is developed exclusively with Microsoft Access; its data can be shared easily with other Office applications such as Word and Excel. AJPS is designed to give you the flexibility to respond to last-minute changes, quick access to the information you need, and the power to get the job done timely and accurately. AJPS is function as a standalone or running on a multi-user network system. It can be fully integrated into Auspac Corporate Accounting System.

AJPS offers innovative, industry leading features, as well as the standard functions you expect from any local job-planning product. AJPS also allows printing the employee wages report, machinery report, and material report. Besides, employee totals wages & OT wages calculation are done by system accurately.

General Modules

The main components of the system are:


  • To allow user to do the machinery/lorry/material setup, job setup, employee setup, and company setup
  • To enter or edit the unit measurement of the material

Delivery of Material

  • To keep record of the delivery material information such as the supplier name, job number, lorry number, quantity order material, material type
  • To calculate the total transport charges on the material

Rental of Machinery

  • To enter the record of the machinery rental information
  • To keep record of the total machine rented days and rental amount to the customer


  • To calculate the employee information such as the total days and total OT hours employee works
  • Be able to calculates the OT wages and Total employee wages

Edit Material / Machinery

  • To edit the material and machinery information


  • Be allow user to print the reports

Post to Accounting

  • Be allow user to post the machinery, manpower, material, and transport records to accounting


Report & Listing

There are many reports available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

Wages Report sort by

  • Employee
  • Job Number

Material Report sort by

  • Material
  • Lorry
  • Job Number

Machinery Report sort by

  • Machine
  • Job Number

Employee Data

Supplier Report

Job Numberís Machinery / Material Price

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