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Master Production Schedule ( MPS)

Bill of Materials

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Inventory  Master Record

Planned Order Releases

Work Order

Purchase Order

Rescheduling Notices

Material Requirements Planning

All manufacturing companies have a production planning system either on a white board, a piece of paper, etched in planner's mind, or computerized. Auspac offers a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system that ease your production planning process and yet cutting your manufacturing cost by reducing inventory stock. This system specifically designed to handle demand inventory items. It based on the inputs from Master Production Schedule (MPS), Bills of Material (BOM) and Inventory record and generates various material requirement reports. These reports help production personnel what to buy and when to buy, what orders should be expedited, and what orders should be delayed.

For all components and subassemblies, Auspac MRP determines the order quantities, planned order release dates and order due dates. In short, Auspac MRP compares the demand of materials with existing inventory and suggests purchased orders where shortages are projected. These new orders are offset by the lead times needed purchase. Auspac realizes that a change made in one delivery date can affect all the production activities and thus works have to be re-scheduled; therefore, our system are designed to keep track of all the changes.

As part of the system, our MPS module produces a listing of products to be manufactured and when they are to be delivered. It also specifies in what quantities based on sales order and your forecast. The multi-level BOM is a structured list of all the materials or parts needed to produce a particular product. This also projects product costing. Auspac MRP system comes with a CAPP module (Computer Aided Process Planning), this module identifies the proper sequence, assembly steps, and times that required to manufacture a product.

Auspac offers a total business solution that integrated our financial, distribution, human resources and manufacturing solutions to form a single standard platform for your organization. We understand that there are no two businesses are alike, and thus our local based of IT professionals and experienced software developers are trained to provide customizable solutions.

Modules interface with Auspac MRP:
  • BOM (Bills of Material)
  • MPS (Master Production Schedule)
  • CAPP (Computer-Aided Process Planning)
  • SIP (Sales-Inventory-Purchasing)
  • Barcode, QA and Shop Floor solutions
  • Corporate Accounting Suite of Applications
  • Human Resource, Payroll and
    Time Attendance

MRP Reports Available:

  • Order Release Notice
  • Future Planned Release
  • Rescheduling Notice
  • Cancellation Notice
  • Inventory Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • BOM Reports
  • MPS Reports
  • CAPP Reports
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