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  A conveniently system to manage your customers and students database.



Welcome to Auspac School Receipt (ASR) System. This School Receipt
System was designed for you to manage customers and students database,
payment, type of classes and issues receipt conveniently and easily.


General Modules

The main components of the system are:

1. Setup

  • Setup company information
  • Setup the document number
  • To setup class level / group
  • To setup class & class fees
  • To setup school fees & payment terms
  • Be able to setup third party payee info

2. Enter/View Member

  • To add, view, edit or delete the member info, spouse info & work info
  • To add, view, edit or delete the student info and class info
  • To allow to view or print the payment report
  • Be able to generate invoice and official receipt

3. Enter/View Class Details

  • To add, view, edit or delete the class information
  • Keep track of total students for class

4. Enter/View Student Details

  • To add, view, edit or delete the student information

5. Billing

  • Be able to generate invoice
  • Be able to issue invoice for the selected person under specified payment term
  • To allow view/print the payment report

6. Official Receipt

  • To issue OR for selected invoice
  • Be able to add, edit the OR
  • Enable you to view or print the generated OR

7. Listing Reports

  • Be able to view or print the reports & listing


Report & Listing

There are many reports, listings and receipt available in this system.
The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component.
Many other reports are accessed through other components.

Invoice Invoice Listing
Office Receipt Official Receipt Listing
Emergency Contact Listing Class-Student Details Listing
Student Listing Member Listing
Ageing Summary Outstanding Invoice
Class Listing Third Party Payee Listing


Link with Others

The billing section can be link up with Auspac Corporate Accounting system.

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