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Auspac® Business Software



Most comprehensives and versatile corporate payroll processing made simple

The Auspac Sales & Rental Information System (ARIS) is a complete set of rental operational software intended for any typical book or video shops that doing trading and rental business. This software is function as a standalone or multi-user network system. It also can be fully integrated into our Accounting Software to become a total solution system for your business.

The ARIS system includes the entire sales and rental operation down to the most detailed calculation, automated inventory tracking, members & accounts monitoring, cash sales, business analysis and issuing of various kind of letters and reports. The ARIS system is a Year 2000 compliant and Windows based software and can be configured to operate in a networking environment.


General Modules

The main components of the system are:

Administration & System Manager

  • Set up and administrate the system.
  • Maintains of master files.
  • Database Administration.
  • Manages customise letter templates.
  • Administrates multi-user and security access features.

Inventory/Barcode Labeling Module

  • Any new addition or disposal of goods is processed here.
  • Goods details, costs, and pricing.
  • Barcode generator and labels printing.
  • Item and movement history.

Customers (Members and Non-Members)

Business Transactions

  • An easy way to handle cash sales with cash bill and official receipts.
  • Rental transactions and information.
  • Handles payments and calculation of rental charges, print receipts.
  • Handles returning goods.

Reports and Letters

  • All information listing, business analysis and issuing of letters are handles here.
  • All rental related reports.
  • All information and inventory listing.
  • Customer phone list for quick phone retrieval and auto phone dialing.

Information Kiosk Module (Optional)

  • Member can access his/her information, rental history.
  • Reserved goods.
  • Goods availability.

Report & Listing

There are many listings and reports available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

  • All Stock Report
  • Reservation Report
  • Purchase History
  • Rent Out History
  • Punish Point History
  • Deposit Cash Slip
  • Customer Listing
  • Authors Listing
  • Rent-Out Report
  • Non-Return Book Report
  • Read In Report
  • Sales Report
  • Deposit Report
  • Punish Point Report
  • Cancellation Deposit Report
  • Cancellation Read In Report
  • Cancellation Sales Report
  • Cancellation Rent Out Report
  • Bad List


Link with Others

This software can link to Auspac Barcode system and Auspac Corporate Accounting system & become a total solution system for your business.

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