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Report and Listing
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  A fully intergraded, network-ready, and true windows -based accounting system


The Small Office Accounting System is a fully integrated, network-ready, and windows-based accounting system. It consists of Account Payables, Account Receivable, General Ledger and Invoicing.

The Accounting Standard System is easy to use yet includes the entire accounting operation down to the most detailed calculation, accounts monitoring, cash sales and issuing of various document such as Invoice, Delivery Order, Cash Bill and etc. There are more than 30 report and listing in this system.

General Modules

The main components of the system are:

General / Administration

  • Set up company and bank information.
  • Initialize the accounting period.
  • Setup various currencies and their exchange rate.
  • Multi-banks and cash in base / foreign currencies
  • Backup utility

Account Payables

  • Keep tracks of vendor records.
  • Instant Purchase Invoice, and Payment Voucher.
  • Multiple Currency.
  • Integrated Phone Dialer.
  • Auto Create Cheques for outstanding invoice
  • Update general ledger automatically.

Account Receivable

  • Keep tracks of customer records.
  • Instant Cash Bill, Delivery Order, Invoice, Performa Invoice, Quotation, Sales Order, Official Receipt.
  • Multiple Currency.
  • Customer Credit Limit Check
  • Multiple discount rate.
  • User definable multiple rate of Sales Tax, GST, Service Tax.
  • Availability of various customer type setting.
  • Update general ledger automatically.


General Ledger

  • User definable account code.
  • Unlimited item in Journal Vouchers.
  • Budget and account comparison.

  • On-line General Ledger printing.
  • Trial Balance with YTD format.
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet in different format and definable.
Reports & Listing

There are many reports and listing available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

Account Receivable

Customer Listing AR Invoices Listing
AR Payment Listing AR History
Sales Analysis Report (DO) Post Dated Cheques Report
Aged Trial Balance AR Statement
Sales Analysis Report (Invoicing)

Account Payable

Vendor Listing AP Invoices Listing
AP Cheques Listing AP History Listing
Open Payables Listing

General Ledger

GL Account Listing Journal Voucher
GL Balance & GL History GL Budget
General Ledger Trial Balance
Financial Statements Balance Sheet and Trading Profit & Loss Account


Salesmen Customer Types
Items Taxes
Cash Bill Receipt
Sales Order Invoices
Quotation Delivery Order
Payment voucher Official receipt
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