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  Most comprehensives and versatile corporate payroll processing made simple



The Auspac Time & Attendance System is designed to be a simple to use and cost effective system which fully automates your time & attendance needs as well as other needs such as data collection, access control, and much more. Auspac Time & Attendance System utilizes the latest advancements in data base programming technology to bring you the fastest and most sophisticated time & attendance data collection system.

Auspac Time & Attendance is customizable to meet your unique needs and we are constantly improving our software and creating new features as they arise. With features like shift scheduling, definable attendance rules and powerful reporting capabilities, it takes care of your business needs.

Auspac Time & Attendance System supports OT calculation even a employee is not entitle for OT rate, you still can keep track of how much counter hours an employee put out for your company.

General Modules


  • Setup company information
  • Setup attendance rules
  • Basic barcode setup
  • Define the clock session and work shift


  • Keep record of the employee personal information
  • Generate to the employee barcode ID number
  • View/print the employee barcode ID number
  • View/print the employee listing


  • Allowed to import data either latest or all data from the time clock device
  • View/edit the time attendance daily transaction
  • View/edit the transaction report
  • To allow convert the data to payroll system


  • To define employee shift schedule time for selected period


  • To view/print the employee working schedule for the selected period



  • Keep tracks to the employee daily attendance for the selected period
  • To view/print the reports such as absentee report, attendance by employee, lateness report, and OT report
Report & Listing

There are many reports available in this system. The user can preview or print the reports directly from this component. Many other reports are accessed through other components.

  • Employee/Barcode ID
  • Employee Working Schedule
  • Daily Time Attendance Transaction
  • OT report
  • Lateness Report
  • Attendance by Employee
  • Absentee Report


Link with Others

It can link up with Auspac Payroll Professional system and Auspac Barcode System & become a total solution system for your business.

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